Paragliding in Gangtok

Paragliding in Gangtok is an immensely popular adventure sport as viewing the beautiful Himalayan landscape of Gangtok and Sikkim from above the sky is an experience of a lifetime. The feeling of flying along with the view of the stunning landscape is something that all travelers would love to encounter.

We, at Fly Sikkim Adventure, offer Gangtok paragliding experience to all tourists and adventure seekers out here.

Paragliding Gangtok: Things to Know

A common question that we come across is whether any prior experience is required for paragliding. The best part about this adventure sport is that no experience is required and you can enjoy it without having any training as such. We offer you Tandem flights meaning there is an experienced paragliding pilot always by your side till you in the air. We offer you a pilot and you along with the pilot sit safely and comfortably in harness attached to the glider aircraft or the paraglider. The navigation of the aircraft is in the hands of the pilot and so there is nothing that you need to worry about. You only have to sit and enjoy the view of the surrounding and create memories.

Pamper Yourself with the adventurous Gangtok Paragliding

There are however few requirements. You need to be physically fit and your weight also needs to be less than 90 kg. All that you need to do is participate during the takeoff and landing and all the other would be taken care of by our pilot. And yes, you need to wear comfortable clothes. That's all!

We offer you both Medium Fly and High Fly and no matter what you choose, we only offer you certified pilots. The flight altitude for both of these differs and so does their takeoff and landing destinations. We function from only certified takeoff locations.

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